Our Strategy

Meeting the Need 2020-2023

Our strategic plan identifies the strategic direction that we wish to take between the years 2020-23. We set ourselves goals and work out ways in which we measure our achievements.

Our Purpose

We believe that every adult in East Dorset with a life-limiting illness should be able to choose how they receive their care.

We will provide our community with outstanding hospice care and support and  put you and your family at the heart of the that care,  supporting you to live the best quality life you can and to make every moment matter.

National Challenges

We recognise that we must address the following national challenges:

1. More people, living longer into older age
2. Increasing number of inappropriate hospital admissions for patients with life-limiting illness, adding to NHS pressures​
3. Lack of co-ordination of support for those caring for people at the end of life
4. More people are living in care homes as they near the end of life who often have an unsatisfactory end-of-life experience

Our Goals are to:

• Increase awareness of Lewis-Manning Hospice Care and the care we provide

• Increase the number of people we help

• Deliver exceptional end of life care and support

• Develop a sustainable future to support the care of our patients and their families 

Get to know more about our important services

Please get in touch with us on 01202 708470 or email enquiries@lewis-manning.co.uk.

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