Better Breathing Clinic

By appointment

The Lewis-Manning Better Breathing Clinic is an outpatient clinic, helping people with respiratory conditions get more out of their lives by teaching them strategies to manage the distressing symptoms associated with breathlessness. The clinic makes no charges for its services and is mainly funded by voluntary donations.

Who we are and what we do

The Better Breathing Clinic is run by a chartered physiotherapist, who specialises in respiratory care, and supported by a key worker who is a registered nurse and qualified counsellor with a special interest in respiratory care.
The aim of the clinic is to assist people in gaining stronger control of their breathing by using coping strategies, in addition to their current medication.

What are the benefits of attending the clinic?

The support offered includes:
• Assessment of breathing and exercise tolerance
• Techniques to manage and improve breathlessness
• Teaching strategies to manage anxiety and panic related to lung disease
• Advice managing daily activities
• Encouragement to increase exercise tolerance
• Resources to support the techniques and strategies provided
What does coming to the clinic involve?
3 one-on-one sessions over a 6-8 week period for assessment and treatment. A carer or loved one is also welcome to attend.
The strategies offered throughout programme comprise a toolbox of techniques and strategies that can be used to help improve breathlessness symptoms. All techniques are tailored to the needs of the individual and can include practical breathing exercises as well as strategies to manage the feelings of anxiety that often accompany breathlessness.
Session 1: Assessment – 60-90 minutes:

Explaining respiratory function and exercise tolerance
Exploring reasons for anxiety attacks
Setting short and long term goals
Learning initial breathing techniques
Session 2: Building upon session 1 – Around 30 minutes:

New techniques
Session 3: Building and culminating strategies – Around 30 minutes:

Patients are usually discharged after this session
Reviewing short and long term goals

How are patients referred to the Better Breathing Clinic?

Ideally referrals to the clinic should be made the named healthcare key worker, however any other healthcare professional the patient is directly involved with can refer them, including GPs, hospital doctors, clinical nurse specialists, and physiotherapists.

Better Breathing Clinic referral form

Download the Better Breathing Clinic referral form or visit the Health Professionals section of the website for more information.

Where is the Better Breathing Clinic?

At Lewis-Manning Hospice on 1 Crichel Mount Road, Lilliput, Poole, Dorset BH14 8LT

What should be brought to a Better Breathing Clinic sessions?

• It is useful if patients bring a friend or relative with them to help with remembering symptom management strategies
• A list of current medication
• Inhalers (if used)
• The Single Assessment Process folder (if the patient has one)
• Reading glasses (if necessary)

Further support

A follow up or S.O.S appointment is available if necessary.
Telephone support / advice is also available.
Throughout an individual’s programme, we liaise with the healthcare professionals involved in their care.
For further information about the clinic or breathlessness itself please contact us on: 01202 708470, fax 01202 701890,
or email

Clinic opening times:

Tuesdays: 12.00 – 17.00
Wednesdays and Thursdays: 09.30 – 16.00

Key Points:

The Better Breathing Clinic
• is held at Lewis-Manning Hospice
• is available to people experiencing breathlessness due to a lung condition
• is about learning to manage episodes of breathlessness
• involves 3 appointments over a 6 – 8 week period