“I’d had a bad week”


What makes for a bad week and what can we do to improve the situation?

There can be all sorts of reasons behind what makes a bad week but if it’s “bad” then it’s usually going to have some impact on your sense of well being and that will have an impact on your effectiveness and productivity. So what can you do about it? I can tell you what I do but why not share what you do to…

Every morning I take fifteen minutes out before I start work to enjoy the view, read some affirmations and take three deep breaths

I actively seek the company of people who remind me why I do what I do. That can be staff, patients, carers, volunteers or some close friends.

I count my blessings. By acknowledging all the little things I might take for granted I am enabled to accept that, whatever the setbacks might be they are, actually, only setbacks and not permanent.

Slowly and surely the “bad” lifts and the load is lightened again. What about you?

Rachel Lapworth, Director of Development