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A few ideas to help you turn fundraising into FUNdraising!

Sometimes just the mention of the word fundraising is enough for people to break out into a nervous sweat. Whether it’s because it can be associated with having to do embarrassing things the notion of the extrovert’s fundraising activities isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea. But not all fundraising has to be like that. In fact, a lot of people find that fundraising is one of the most rewarding and worthwhile activities they can do and once they’ve started they’ve never looked back.

Take a look below at how you can take the things you like and build upon them, turning potentially embarrassing FUNDRAISING into FUNRAISING!!

Hold your own…Party Pyramid – Stick the kettle on and invite 10 friends for Tea at Three (or Wine at Nine – whatever takes your fancy!) Ask everyone to bring a pound or two as a donation / contribution for their tea and biscuits then while away the hours chatting with friends. But … before your guests leave, ask them to hold their own tea party to which they should invite 9 friends, guests to the next party will then be asked to invite 8 friends, and so on until you reach the top of the pyramid.


Snack attack bake sale – everyone gets peckish at work so why not bake some goodies and sell ‘em some snacks!

Dress down day at work – everyone gives a £1 donation in return for being able to hang up the tie and step out in some comfy clothes.

Clear out and hold a boot sale – “one man’s junk is another man’s gold” Don’t throw away your old things when you have your winter clearout, enjoy the last of the warm days and hold your own boot sale.

Impossible question – fill a jar with jelly beans and ask people to guess how many are in there. Charge £1 a guess and offer the person with the closest guess a prize (could even be the jelly beans!)

Run a sweepstake at work – charge £1 to guess how many times your boss will get up and make the tea (or something else entirely!) and offer a prize, or a cut in the stakes to the winner.

Organise a quiz night – you could even hold the quiz at work. During lunch have a whip around collecting £1’s and handing out question sheets and then collect them at the end of lunch and give the winner a prize – or just recognition as the office brain box!

Raffle/auction unwanted items – anything left over from Christmas or a birthday that you don’t have a use for? Stick it in a raffle or auction it off!

Competitions – charge for entry. Who can do the most kick ups? Eat the most pies? Say fluffy bunnies with the most marshmallows in their mouth?

Hold an event – you could have base it around your favourite book or movie character or something else entirely.

The possibilities for FUNraising are endless. Use your imagination and be creative but most of all … Have FUN and remember that everyone you ask to take part will know exactly why you are doing it and probably be proud that you’ve asked them to get involved.

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