Vision and Mission

This vision and mission reflects our beliefs and principles for all our services:

Our vision

‘Time to Care’

Our mission

To promote the needs of those living with a life-limiting diagnosis by ensuring that there is equality of access and provision by:

Widening access to supportive and palliative care services based on need not diagnosis, so that if Lewis-Manning Hospice can meet the needs of a patient with a diagnosis other than cancer, we will do so.

Ensuring equality of access to services for all who need them, no matter who you are or where you come from.

Treating every person and every day as special, ensuring that each individual person knows they matter.

Ensuring appropriate information and support is available and accessible to the Lewis-Manning Hospice Community, so as to enable patients and carers to take control of their lives, make informed choices and manage the impact of their diagnosis and treatment.

Providing high quality clinical and social support by utilising the best of evidence based practice. By maintaining our independence, Lewis-Manning Hospice is able to choose to provide the best quality, and most appropriate range of supportive therapies.

Raising awareness of what living with a life-limiting illness means, through education and provision of information to the patient, their carers and the community as a whole.

Minimising anxiety and fear by accepting death as part of life and thereby enabling patients and their families to live in the moment and plan for their death.

Providing a range of services which enable individuals to live their lives to the full. Helping to control pain, help manage symptoms and adapt to change.

Developing, in partnership with others, high quality, holistic services in response to individual needs and aspirations, so that patients choose their own goals and Lewis-Manning Hospice works with others within the community to deliver them.